Plastic Spray Painting


Plastic is everywhere and can be tricky to paint, but paint technology is evolving quickly and today most plastics can be painted - from polyvinyl chloride ‘PVC’ used for pipes, vinyl siding, lawn furniture, crafts to different plastics used every day there's a kind of paint that will work.

The most common paint for the plastics that can be painted is Acrylic Lacquer, when applied to acrylic sheet polycarbonate half strength thinner is generally required. Materials such as ABS and HIPS usually require a special plastic primer to be applied first; they also need half strength thinner.

Because plastic is a smooth, slick surface, it is ill-suited for standard paintbrushes and rollers, which may leave subtle flaws in the final finish.

Wonderful Poly can generate a smooth, professional-looking finish on a plastic surface by spray painting. We know what paints suits what type of plastic and application strategies to employ to restore the look and end up with an attractive finish.

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End of year BBQ, on Friday 16th December 2011. Everyone welcome, please do call us for further information.

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picture" From the first meeting with Wonderfulpoly, everything has gone smoothly and all work was done professionally. We were totally at ease during the whole process and every stage went as planed. We recommend Wonderfulpoly to anyone wanting a quality job. "

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