Innovative Elegance in Metal Finishes

Premium Glazed Metal Finishes Spray Painting

Experience the fusion of durability and artistry with our Glazed Metal Finishes, perfect for a range of applications.

Why Choose Glazed Metal Finishes Spray Painting?

Wonderful Poly Pty Ltd specialises in Glazed Metal Finishes, a revolutionary liquid application that utilises real metals to create stunning veneers. Ideal for corporate furniture, shop fit-outs, lift interiors, and more, our finishes bring unachievable colours and textures to life. Our expertise extends to various substrates, including wood, plaster, ceramics, and glass, offering versatile solutions for every design vision.

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Transforming Spaces with Glazed Metal

Glazed Metal Finishes redefine surface aesthetics, offering an array of finishes like bronze, brass, copper, and stainless steel. These coatings, applied to nearly any solid surface, allow for an extraordinary degree of creativity and innovation. Our finishes are not just about appearance; they also provide robust protection, ensuring longevity alongside beauty.

Our Process Explained

Step: 1
Surface Selection and Preparation

We start by selecting the appropriate surface, preparing it to ensure optimal adhesion of the metal finish.

Step: 2
Metal Finish Application

Our skilled technicians apply the liquid metal application meticulously, ensuring even coverage and texture.

Step: 3
Manipulation and Styling

The applied finish is then artistically manipulated to achieve the desired look, from smooth and sleek to textured and intricate.

Step: 4
Final Finishing and Protection

The final step involves sealing and protecting the surface, enhancing both its aesthetic appeal and durability.

Inside the World of Wonderful Poly

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you customize the color and texture of the finish?
How long does the application process take?
Are the finishes suitable for outdoor applications?
Can Glazed Metal Finishes be applied to existing furniture?
Is the application process eco-friendly?
Do you offer maintenance or touch-up services for Glazed Metal Finishes?

Client Experiences & Success Stories

Discover the remarkable transformations and unparalleled satisfaction experienced by our valued clients, as they share their journey with Wonderful Poly.