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Explore a world of specialised spray painting services, crafted to perfection by our skilled team at Wonderful Poly.

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Each service at Wonderful Poly is a blend of precision, quality, and innovation. Browse through our range of specialized spray painting services to find the perfect solution for your project.”

Polyurethane Spray Painting

Discover the pinnacle of wood finishing with our polyurethane spray painting – where beauty meets resilience.

Interior and Exterior Doors Spray Painting

Transform your doors into sleek, smooth masterpieces with our expert spray painting services.

French Polishing Spray Painting

Experience the classic allure of French Polishing, where every piece is transformed into a glossy, mirror-like masterpiece.

Timber Spray Painting

Transforming timber into timeless elegance with our specialised spray painting techniques.

Glass Splashbacks Spray Painting

Where functionality meets elegance – brighten up your wet areas with our custom-coloured, easy-to-clean glass splashbacks.

Studio Gloss Spray Painting

Experience the allure of high-gloss finishes, where durability meets contemporary style.

Glazed Metal Finishes Spray Painting

Experience the fusion of durability and artistry with our Glazed Metal Finishes, perfect for a range of applications.

Plastic Spray Painting

Transform and protect your timber with our specialised Timber Spray Painting services, blending aesthetics with durability.

Metallic Spray Painting

Explore top-tier Metallic Spray Painting in Sydney. With over 20 years of mastery, Wonderful Poly Pty Ltd brings style and durability to your spaces.

Client Experiences & Success Stories

Read the remarkable transformations and unparalleled satisfaction experienced by our valued clients, as they share their journey with Wonderful Poly.

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  • Polyurethane Spray Painting
  • Interior and Exterior Doors Spray Painting
  • French Polishing Spray Painting
  • Timber Spray Painting
  • Glass Splashbacks Spray Painting
  • Studio Gloss Spray Painting
  • Glazed Metal Finishes Spray Painting
  • Plastic Spray Painting
  • Metallic Spray Painting
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