Timber Spray Painting


Wonderful Poly undertakes spray lacquer jobs on kitchen doors, shops and office fittings, cabinetry and joinery and any timber units which require this service.

Clear finishes is the most common general purpose finish suitable for wall paneling, doors, kitchens and office furniture. It has a silky smooth finish and will resist alcohol, water, moderate heat and solvents and withstand moderate abrasion. Prior to application, the surface that is be polished is hard sanded flat, and then sealed. We machine sand and seal flat before top coating with satin acid cat.

Stained finishes are done the same as clear finishes with one or two staining process. Usually a stain is applied to the timber before sealing and then, prior to top coating, a shading stain is used to bring the color exactly into line.

A different color can be given depending on the application method taking into consideration the weather and type of timber.

Whatever the project, you can rest assure that we can spray paint it for you.

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Welcome to Wonderfulpoly

Looking for the best spray painting in Sydney? Look no further; we provide all types of timber finishes with great service.

End of year BBQ

End of year BBQ, on Friday 16th December 2011. Everyone welcome, please do call us for further information.

What They Say

picture" From the first meeting with Wonderfulpoly, everything has gone smoothly and all work was done professionally. We were totally at ease during the whole process and every stage went as planed. We recommend Wonderfulpoly to anyone wanting a quality job. "

by: Alex D.

picture" Thank you so much for your work on the doors painting and kitchen splash backs as it was great. You provided great service with no delays. We recommend Wonderfulpoly for all your timber painting and finishes. "

by: John S.